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Locksmith Houston Services For Home, Commercial and Car Locksmith Emergency Gun Safes, Fire Safes, Used and New Safes in Houston, TX Gun Safes, Fire Safes, Used and New Safes in Houston, TX
Houston Locksmith is available for auto, commercial, and industrial  locksmith, safes, and high security locks services and products. Call Now For Affordable trusted Service.

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Houston Safe and Lock is a trusted locksmith service company used by organizations like the Houston Police Department and Continental Airlines for emergency locksmith services in the Houston area.


How To Choose a Reputable and Trustworthy Houston Locksmith

When selecting a Houston Locksmith for your home or business, Houston Safe and Lock recommends using
the following guidelines to ensure you are not taken advantage of in an emergency lockout situation or standard
lock work in your home or place of business:

1. Select a reputable Houston Locksmith with a physical brick and mortar office location in Houston. Call only local numbers; avoid 800 or 888 numbers as those tend to be call centers located out of town, out of state or in some cases, out of the country. Be advised that several Houston locksmiths are serious scammers and even put phony local addresses in their advertisements.

2. When you make an initial call to a locksmith in Houston, make certain that the company is insured, licensed and bonded through The Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDOT), as required by law. Since State licensing and bonding information is available to the public and is covered by the Freedom of Information Act
(FOIA), use your resources and check the TXDOT website to ensure the company’s license and bond is still active and has not expired or been retracted due to unsavory business practices. Always know your rights as a consumer; trust but verify. If the company you call refuses to give you their State License number, then refuse to give them your business.

3. All locksmiths are also required by State law to carry a “Pocket Card” on their person at all times. The pocket card is issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety and has the locksmith’s name, photograph, registration number and expiration date. Always ask to see the pocket card if it is not visible. If the locksmith does not have one, send him away. If he insists payment or refuses to leave, call the police.

4. Beware of “Bait and Switch” pricing, especially over the phone. All locksmiths, Houston area or not, have a set fee for the initial service trip charge for coming out to your location. The actual services rendered, including labor and parts, are added on to the trip charge. Scammers will mislead you into thinking that the trip charge will be the only payment due. Beware of any locksmith that quotes rates that are too good to be true. Scammers will often quote a substantially low price to get your business and upon arrival to your location they will find reasons to charge you excessively. When calling a Houston locksmith always ask the technician how the total price will be calculated, then ask again when the locksmith arrives. Though legitimate Houston locksmiths are not entirely able to quote an exact price over the phone, always remain cautious of outlandish price increases.

5. Last, but not least, always triple check the invoice or receipt given to you by a locksmith. In Texas, the company name, address, phone number, and license number must be printed on the invoice you should never hesitate to file a complaint with the Texas Department of Public Safety if you encounter any discrepancies with a Houston locksmith.

Commercial and Residential Customer Reviews:

“Houston Safe and Lock has the best customer service of any locksmith in Houston! Although I walked in the
door just before Houston Safe and Lock closed, John took his time showing me the spectacular variety of gun safes, fire safes and home safes; I never knew there was a difference or so many different kinds of safes in Houston! He never looked at the clock or tried to rush me out the door. He explained to me the different safe
manufacturers and I eventually purchased an American Security fire safe that was on sale (it seemed like most of the new and used safes were on sale). The fire safe was delivered, installed, and bolted down the very next day. I genuinely appreciate John taking the time to explain every little detail to me. I recommend this Houston locksmith to anyone looking for a safe in Houston!”
Jean – Google Places

“I needed a key made for an antique jewelry box. After calling several locksmiths in Houston, I finally found what I was looking for at Houston Safe and Lock. I knew the second I walked in the door that this Houston locksmith would be able to make my unique key. The locksmith used the utmost caution with my jewelry box
and was able to provide me with a key in minutes. They even showed me around the safe shop and showroom and made a few suggestions for jewelry safes and fire safes without being pushy. Thank you, Houston Safe and Lock, for caring about the protection of my valuables!”
Gayle – Merchant Circle

“Last Friday was my third trip to Houston Safe and Lock after losing my car keys again. My friends are all convinced that I do it on purpose just to have an excuse to visit my favorite locksmith in Houston! I really keep going back because the wonderfully low price on high security computer chip keys. They charge half of what dealers charge! They are always very quick and courteous. Thanks yet again for saving my sanity, Houston Safe and Lock! See you next week!”
Pamela - CitySearch

“After losing my keys (car, house AND business) right before my biggest meeting of the year, I thought it was the end of the world. I searched for a Locksmith in Houston and called Houston Safe and Lock immediately. Realizing my emergency, a locksmith arrived in LESS THAN 15 minutes and was able to give me nearly
immediate access to my meeting supplies. I was so impressed with the prompt service that I called them back after my meeting to replace the locks at my office and my home with the best Medeco Deadbolt locks Houston has to offer. I also learned that they ALSO cut high security car chip keys and purchased a few for back up at a budget price. Superior, prompt and trustworthy service earned my business for life!”
Evan – Yahoo Local

“I have had many wonderful experiences with Houston Safe and Lock. They came to my house and installed the Mul T Lock high security deadbolts and locks. I have never felt safer when I or my children are home alone. The employees are very kind and helpful. I have also purchased a fire safe to keep my valuables secure at all
times. The American Security gun and fire safe was installed in my house quickly, carefully and professionally. This is the best place to buy fire proof safes in Houston!”
Nidia – Super Pages

“If you ever get locked out of your car or just need a spare car key, save yourself the pain of searching for an honest budget locksmith in Houston and call on Houston Safe and Lock. Their professionals services include (but are not limited to!) high security computer keys, high security car chip keys, automotive computer keys and are the most RELIABLE Houston emergency locksmith and have the most reasonable pricing.”
Thomas – Google Places

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