American Security SF 60 Minute Gun Safes: Fire and Burglary
Protection for Guns and More

  • The SF Series Gun Safes carry a UL rating as a Residential Security Container. This series has been tested to withstand various burglar attacks for extended periods of time.
  • American Security gun safe body is composed of 12 gauge steel and has an additional ¼" steel plating on the exterior of the safe door to protect against serious pry bar and drill attacks.
  • Fire tested for 60 minutes at a temperature of 1200 degrees in which the inside temperature remained under 350 degrees. In addition, the SF gun safes feature an intumescent seal which expands upon reaching a temperature of 250 degrees and aids in blocking out excess fire, smoke, debris and water in the event of a fire.
  • The AmSec SF Gun Safes in Houston are available with your choice of a U.L. Listed Group II Mechanical Combination Dial or an Electronic Keypad Lock. Both locks are extremely secure and are accompanied by a massive hard plate (protecting the body of the lock) and dual relocking devices.
  • Door organizer is a standard feature for all models of the SF Series gun safes. Additionally, each size includes 4 precut anchor holes to securely fasten the safe to the floor and a precut electrical access hole to easily add a dehumidifier, light kit, watch winder or other electrical devices.