American Security FV 45 Minute Gun Safes: Fire and Burglary
Protection for Guns, Ammunition and Documents

  • The FV Series Gun Safes have a double layer of fireboard and are fire tested and rated for 45 minutes at 1200 degrees to maintain an interior temperature under 350 degrees in the event of a fire. The AmSec 45 Minute gun Safes also have dual fire seals that expands at high temperatures to block excess smoke, fire and water from entering the safe.
  • &frac316;" solid steel plating on the door assists in prevention of door prying. The body of the FV6032, FV6030 and FV 6036 are composed of 12 gauge steel. The body of the FV7240 is 11 gauge steel.
  • All models include the AmSec Premium Door Organizer, which maximizes storage capacity and offers fast access to frequently used items.
  • FV Series Gun safes include several security upgrades such as a drill resistant hard plate, external spring loaded relocking device, smooth cam driven mechanism, slip clutch hands that prevents bolt retracting torque during attempted break in.
  • 4 way bolt work consists of 14 1-1/4" chrome plated bolts adds an expert layer of security on the Amsec 45 Minute Fire Gun Safes.
  • All FV Gun Safe models have precut anchor holes to securely fasten gun safe to the flooring.