American Security BF 120 Minute Gun Safes: The Most Secure Gun Safes in Houston

  • BF Series Gun Safes feature a heavy duty ½" steel plating on the exterior of the door. This amount of steel is extremely pry resistive and in conjunction with the heavy duty exterior hinges, creates a virtually impenetrable barrier from criminals (due to the weight of this heavy gauge steel and the massive size of the door, the BF7250 features a ⅜" steel plating and an additional third hinge for durability and functionality).
  • The AmSec BF Gun Safes contain a proprietary composite concrete fill which adds both weight and durability to the body and door of the safe. Sounded by a total of 7 gauge steel the safe body drill resistive to common bits, saws and cutters.
  • All Amsec BF Gun Safes have been tested by the Underwriter's Laboratory and has successfully passed the UL testing for a Residential Security Container (RSC). This means that this 100% American made series of gun safes has withstood torture testes performed by the nation's best safecrackers in which no part of the safe was penetrated in an allotted amount of time.
  • AmSec BF Gun Safes have 11 chrome plated bolts that are 1 ½" in diameter bolts and are an integral part of the detent system that holds bolts in open position.
  • The AmSec BF Gun Safes in Houston are guaranteed to maintain an inside temperature under 350°F for at least 120 minutes in a continuous temperature of 100°F. For more protection against fire, smoke and water damage, an intumescent seal is included on both the door jamb and the door that contains Palusol, which will expand to 8 times its size when exposed to a temperature of 250°F, which will block water, smoke, debris and fire from getting into the safe.
  • Available with either U.L. Listed Group II Mechanical Combination Dial or an Electronic Keypad Lock. Both lock types are secure and as an additional safeguard, the BF Series Gun Safes include a massive hard plate (protecting the body of the lock) and two re-locking devices. Also, the latest models include a new ultra smooth cam drive locking mechanism with increased handle rotation.